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Winter Wonderland Wedding.

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Lately, it seems like King Winter will be upon us all year round! We are freakin’ April and the snow is still piled up in the streets of our dearest Montreal. Last year around this time, people were already wearing sandals and having cocktails on a terrace. Last week, I was actually thinking of buying big Sorel boots because my toes were freezing off on my way to work.

Please kill me. Now.

But if Summer doesn’t show its face yet, at least I at least have inspiration for another article about Winter Weddings! I find there is something magical about taking pictures in an all–white fairy tale scenery, having a ceremony in the Ice Hotel or riding a horse–drawn sleigh on your way to the church (or synagogue or mosque, or whatever). Oh and do try cherry red lips, that looks awesome on all that white J.

However, I should warn you right away about this kind of wedding. It would definitely not work in every country! Where I am from, (the lovely country called Belgium) a Winter Wedding would be a complete disaster. Forget about the idyllic white landscapes and complementary sunshine and make sure you have (at least!!!) five umbrellas at hand. I even think we invented the saying “mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux” to accommodate ourselves and our shitty weather.

But back to snowy surroundings: it goes without saying that this exactly is why we love and hate Quebec all at the same time. I regularly see the hashtag #FML when people post about winter and you might lose feeling in your bodies extremities on your wedding day, but at least you have stunning pics!

Since I am writing this blog from my own humble perspective, I would like to prevent any of you thinking about the winter option from dying a very cold death by giving you some tips.

First, the obvious: dress appropriately. Buy a nice coat that matches your taste (and not necessarily your wedding dress) or at least cover yourself with some faux fur or an alpaca wool knitted scarf. Another great idea for cold–sensitive brides & grooms–to be is self-heating pads to put in your shoes and/or gloves. This way, you can at least warmly enjoy the outside moments of the big day. Also, don’t forget to pack handkerchiefs! After being outside for a while at –20, you will most certainly get a running nose or tearing eyes; or you might also just start crying because you are marrying the man of your dreams.

Finally, don’t forget to ENJOY these precious moments!

(and do not ask yourself why in the world you decided to get married during winter; ayway, you will probably have short term memory loss due to a brain freeze..)


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