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To DIY or not to DIY?  

Let’s face it… not a lot of people are born with the unique Martha Stewart touch. At least I am not! I have failed numerous times at imitating a recipe from Pinterest, that looks as if you can achieve your goal not only in under two minutes, but more importantly: without having to clean your entire kitchen.

This is why I’d like to think of her as some extraterrestrial creature; she literally can do anything! (or she has some infallible and very invisible employees working for her). I assume that, as the queen of the DIY, she’s done her fair share of wedding cakes and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has made some bold suggestions like a black iced cake! So if your name is Martha Stewart, it would probably look something like this:

Which is kinda cool actually!

But girls, I am taking the responsibility of poppin’ your romantic bubble immediately… I know it hurts, but someone has to say the truth out loud and therefore be the one who saves a lot of brides–to be from public failing (and probably food poisoning): Although you do not see it exactly the same way, your with love–homemade cake will most likely look a lot like THIS

(Yes, you can thank me by email, text or Post Canada, gifts and brown envelopes are accepted)

So unless you have a degree in pastry, be a sweetheart and stick to writing your thank you–cards instead. Leave the heavy lifting to professionals and let your planner help you. This saves you a lot of time and self–esteem issues (and you get to go to guilt–free cake tastings!).

Trust me, your money is going to pay itself back in smiling guests at the sweet table and will not be wasted on hospital insurance fees.

xoxo – Eline

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