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Mariama & Dirac


- September 14th, 2013

Place D’Armes Hotel Wedding

On the wedding day of Mariama and Dirac, it was as if the streets of Old Montreal were transformed into a scenery that belonged in the sixties, jazz musicians included. Songs performed by Nina Simone and Etta James served as a unique inspiration for their very personalized wedding celebration.

From all the weddings and preparations we have witnessed so far, we have never seen two people more perfect for each other then Mariama and Dirac. They manage to meet each other right in the middle in terms of unconditional love, happiness, lifestyle and their love for jazz music. Another perfect example of this synchrony is the fact that they both changed outfits during the day: Dirac went from a daytime Michael Kors two-piece to a tailored suit for the evening celebrations, whereas Mariama wore two stunning dresses, signed Amsale and Tadashi Shoji, that gave you the impression that she just walked out of a sixties movie into the famous jazz cabaret Le Balcon in Old Montreal, where the reception was held. A Place d’Armes Hotel Wedding by KA Mariage!

Originally from Paris, France, this extraordinary couple had relatives and close friends fly in from all over the world and added a cosmopolite feeling to the wedding day. Coming from Europe and the United States, everyone wanted to be a part of the new chapter that was about to begin in the life of Mariama and Dirac.

Being very detail-oriented, Mariama and Dirac found their equals in the KA Wedding-team, who helped realize every wish they had in mind for their special day. From the flower arrangement by Fleur d’Europe that made Mariama’s eyes stand out to the stationary, signed À Deux Invitations, everything was meticulously planned out by the two parties and brought together in a unique way. All the aspects of this day in the honor of two beautiful people were captured by the very talented Magnolia Studio and turned into a sixties movie by the ever creative Luve Films-crew. This way, Mariama and Dirac can relive their wedding day over and over again for years to come. Undoubtedly, September 14th will always have a special meaning for these two wonderful people.





«Hello Kim, Julie & Élodie, Nous tenons à vous faire part notre sincère gratitude pour votre dévouement et vos efforts sans relâche pour faire du 14 septembre une journée pleine de joie pour nous mais également nos proches. Vous avez été fantastiques dès le premier jour, et surtout réceptives à nos multiples requêtes. Vous avez su faire de notre mariage l’un des plus beaux jours de notre vie. Et cela n’a pas de prix! Nous vous remercions sincèrement pour votre écoute, votre enthousiasme et vos rires! Mariama & Dirac »

- Mariama & Dirac        

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